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Why Is Deck Inspection Important?

Inspection of the deck is very important to ensure that it has been assembled properly and is safe. If you do not inspect your new deck, or your current deck annually, there is a possibility that it may collapse or cause injuries during use. Deck inspection helps determine if there are any structural problems with the entire deck as well as each board. And a certified deck inspector will examine all aspects of the deck to identify potential problems such as metal fatigue, loose nails or screws, water damage, warping, and rot to make sure you have a safe deck!

Below are some eye-catching red flags and if you notice any such sign, call a deck inspector today –

Hidden fasteners:

Decks are installed with hidden fasteners to create a clean looking surface that is smooth to bare feet, but if you notice loose fasteners hanging from the bottom, get a deck inspector asap

Water damage:

If you notice water stains, rotten wood, or stagnant water under your deck, call for a thorough deck inspection right away

Cracked up boards:

It is particularly important, if your deck has cracked up boards, missing pieces, splintered wood, or creaky sound, you should fix it as quickly as possible and inspect the deck before using it


There are more injuries because of rail failure than deck collapse, also incorrect installation of railings or missing railings are poorly treated as these are ignored for a good amount of time, but to maintain the good quality of your home, you should call the deck inspector to find your deck’s real condition, be it foundational damage or missing railings

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Covid-19 Certified

I have been certified through InterNACHI on the best practices, inspection steps, and safety guidelines to protect myself and my clients from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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