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My name is Brent Bender. Unlike most professionals you hire, we probably won't meet until your home inspection appointment. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods, and pricing. Ultimately, a thorough home inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector’s own effort. If you honor me by permitting me to inspect your home, I guarantee that I'll give you my very best effort and inspect your home as if it were my own!


Professional Home Inspection in Hemet, CA

Whether you are buying a new home or selling an old one, one thing that holds paramount importance is to get it inspected by a professional home inspector. This allows you to find out any or all significant issues that may be present in your property. These issues can greatly affect the value of your property. Thus, it is essential that you choose only a reliable and certified home inspector.

Located in the Hemet Valley, I provide high-quality home inspection services throughout Southwestern Riverside County including the Coachella Valley, areas in North County San Diego, and San Bernardino Counties. With a meticulous procedure of home inspection, I look at each and every aspect of the property carefully.

So next time you find yourself searching for a ‘home inspector near me’, just give ‘Bender’s Inspection Services’ a call.




C.A.R Certified

I have passed a background check, have met the E&O and Liability insurance requirements, and have proven an understanding of the field with proof of completed Education.

TO Our Clients


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Residential Inspection

Purchasing another home might be the greatest speculation you’ll at any point make. Albeit the interaction is exceptionally interesting it rapidly becomes overpowering. While the home you have chosen might give off an impression of being exactly the thing you’re searching for, how might you make certain there aren’t possibly genuine obscure imperfections which can make your interest in your future an expensive one? Having your new home expertly assessed by our organization as right on time as possible saves you a great many dollars on things which you might have the option to have the merchant or developer right.


Pool & Spa Inspections

While a Pool and additionally spa is an incredible option to home, the different parts and gear can have surrenders that might require your consideration before you make the buy!

Fixing/supplanting a pool or spa can be costly. On the off chance that the home you are purchasing or selling has one of these highlights, it is profoundly prompted that your pool and spa inspections incorporate these components too. While most pool and spa review organizations just spotlight the gear, our itemized examination will cover every single significant point. Pools and spas ought to be a wellspring of solace and delight, so ensure you review it prior to purchasing or selling!


Indoor Air Quality & Mold Detection Survey

An Indoor Air Quality Survey is a crucial step in maintaining a healthy living and working environment. At Bender’s Inspection Services, I offer a simple yet effective Indoor Air Quality Survey.

Our process uses a sensor that uses a fan to move air past a laser to determine the amount of particulate matter present in the air. The sensor measures particulates in the air near two different sizes, 2.5 microns (PM2.5) and 10 microns (PM10). The concentration of each particle size in the air is measured separately, and the sensor reports the value in micrograms (of each particle size) per cubic meter (of air). This unit of measure is what is used for industrial health evaluations and is abbreviated µg/m3. The sensor also measures eCO2/Carbon Dioxide in ppm (parts per million) and eTVOC/Volatile Organic Compounds in ppb (parts per billion).

Note: This is NOT a lab sample or lab test. NO consumable items, air traps, tapes, air-o-cell cassettes, or air canisters that require being sent to a lab for evaluation are required. Our survey simply counts the particulate matter, carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds in the air. It does not specify exactly what they are. The air quality survey is considered the step before lab testing. The final report from our survey will give you an indication that there are, or are not, concernable levels of airborne material measured in the indoor air and if further lab testing would be required.


Construction Draw Inspections

When you take on a commercial or residential construction project, you can expect several inspections to take place. Draw inspections are essential to ensuring everything is going according to the schedule and that your builder complies with the agreed-upon timeline.

Draw inspections are actually one of the simplest inspections involved in major commercial or residential construction projects. This inspection revolves around your builder and your lender. A draw inspection aims to ensure that the lender knows the project is going according to plan.

If you are looking for a certified draw inspector you can trust with the process, get in touch with Bender’s Inspection Services today.


Our Standard Home Inspection Checklist
Roof Condition
Insulation Check
Structural Issues
Plumbing Condition
Gutters and Downspouts
Heating and Cooling
Electrical Service
Operable Windows
Electrical Problems
Decks and Stairs
Tripping Hazards
Garage Doors
Water Intrusion
Water Heaters
Major Appliances
Bathroom Fixtures

Why Choose Us?

Bender’s Inspection is the most trusted home inspection company in Hemet , CA. I am an expert professional, certified and trained by InterNACHI . I adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set by InterNACHI .


InterNACHI Certified

InterNACHI affirmed the home examiner for your home appraisal is available as indicated by your solace as Bender's Inspection Services. We have the data to spot issues with materials, foundation and workmanship that various assessors might miss.


Easy-to-read Reports

Our reports are completely modernized with cutting edge pictures and chronicles. Our reports are clear and direct. After you study your report, you will feel sure that we were concentrated and had your prosperity as a first concern.


Trained For Excellence

Our examiners are awesome at business and search out proceeding with schooling. Furthermore, our Error and Omissions Insurance covers you on the far-fetched occasion our auditor misses something and documents a case. Aside from this, the entirety of our examiners has a development foundation so they realize what they're taking a gander at.

Top Of The Line Tools

We keep awake to date with the most recent devices and advancements in the review business. From our advanced inspection reporting software to our top of the line tools like moisture meters and IR cameras, we can inspect a home in any condition whenever you need it done. No more pausing! You hope for something else, and we convey!

Unbiased Reporting in 24 Hours

We got the best announcing programming available. So our reports are clear, significant and we take more than 200 pictures to add to the report. We are 100% exhaustive and effective, and we can give the full report within 24-36 hours and even sooner upon demand.

Going The Extra Mile For You

I, Brent Bender, the owner of Bender’s Inspection assure you that the inspection service provided by me will be up to your expectations. I guarantee 100% satisfaction with my work and will leave no room for complaints.


Any issue that renders the property unsuitable for a person to stay in, without having proper repairs or replacements, as the case may be, fails the home inspection. These issues may range from faulty foundations to severe drainage issues.

Yes. A proper home inspection helps you identify all the issues that may be present on your property. This can save you from signing an unprofitable deal.

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Through an inspection, you can catch problems before
they grow into expensive fixes.

We follow the InterNachi
Standards of Practice.


Covid-19 Certified

I have been certified through InterNACHI on the best practices, inspection steps, and safety guidelines to protect myself and my clients from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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